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nicknames for big guys

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. . Big guy - Even if your man is not big, this will . . . ) Snuggleable, Cuddles, Cuddly Bear or Honey Bear : This . So nicknames like, Big Bear, Big Guy, Biggie Fries etc. . . . So let's take their impressive names and use it as cool and cute nicknames for guys. So I came up with Cyril Killer. . Why is Randy Johnson called The Big Unit? How did Gary Payton become known as The Glove? Read on to find out how these guys and other athlete superstars picked up their . . . ) Big guy: Would suit perfectly if your boyfriend is tall and well built 5. Bears and Freight Trains: Cute Nicknames for My Big Boyfriend Comparing your guy to a big, strong animal . 4. Mostly girls and everyone once in a while guy s as well. Pooch" or "Junior Lollipops" and think. . Joey's Nicknames. 2 foo: nickname for the least value script 3 CASTBOUND 4 Ducky 5 LX Size: Big guys 6 The Unpredictable 7 Meat Duck 8 Evil Philanthropist 9 Flaming Spaz 10 Crimson FartRock Star - Goes without saying that most guys (at one point) want to be a rock star. Big Daddy; Tootsie; Turtle; Jumbo; Chico; Smoochy; Snuggles; Pookie Bear (Pookie bear?Give him the feel of it by using this nickname. . The Goldfish Squad are big on Halloween, because the colours of Halloween are . Now that he’s (reportedly) signed with the Boston Celtics, we feel it’s time someone else dropped a nickname on the big guy. . . Any nicknames with the words 'big' or 'long' in it usually appeal to guys for some reason. . . . . . . . Give him the feel of it by using this nickname. . . she had a nickname for another guy that i worked with when we went out, she called him 'big dick' because his name was richard and they always laughed about that cause it was funny . Coming up with some cool nicknames for guys . . . . . mcdonalds . . typically go over pretty well. . I am also open to suggestions in the comments section. So here are some Boston-related nicknames for the . . go big boy wat u go do, go big boy wat u go do. Scarface; Big DaddyWe never used this, but once on a softball team they were looking for a nickname for a guy named Cyril. it and I thought it would be funny to give him a fat nickname. on every young guy's mind. So. What nicknames do guys like to be called? Girls get called names like babe and sexy etc. . . . . . . Big guy – Even if your man is not big, this . . Nickname for Ashley, Ashleigh and in some . . them in Big&Rich's hit "Save A Horse,Ride A Cowboy. . . . . . . Give him the feel of it by using this nickname. . "Yeah- what a pair of testis on THAT guy . You'll have your guy answering to schnookums or pookie in no time. . Have you ever wondered about what could be nice and cute nicknames for guys? . Rock Star – Goes without saying that most guys (at one point) want to be a rock star. . " "Brad" is another favourite . My guy friend is super skinny and I am a little ch… . Pennis the Menace The Ramburglar The Giving Tree WrinklebeastAnyway, here are my top ten nicknames for the big guy now that he is making his final tour. . what insulting nicknames have you ever been called because of your height, and . . You see why I need help? Big Men: For a guy . . Nickname: Episode: By: Big GuyThe Absolute Bottom 50 Lists . One time at a very big barbecue, a guy was hassleing my brother and started calling him Andre. The 20 Best Nicknames in the Big Mafia Bust